Our Maremma Sheepdogs

Maremma Sheepdogs are a Livestock Guardian Dog, known in short as LGDs. These dogs do not herd livestock, but rather, protect them from predators such as coyotes. Maremmas are a large breed dog and males can be between 75-100lbs and females can be between 65-90lbs. These animals are intelligent, distinguished and are confident but not aggressive.

Waggy Tails’ Roi

Waggy Tails’ Roi is our male Maremma. He is a strong but loving LGD. He weighs nearly 80lbs. He loves attention from our family and is very protective of his herd. He desires to be with our sheep and frequently walks the perimeter the check things out. Roi received his OFA hip certification in November 2020 and scored EXCELLENT!!! We are proud of our boy!


Shelby was our first female Maremma. She is a beautiful and loving dog but is more work motivated and is very protective of her sheep. She has had five outstanding litters and as of November 2021 Shelby has been removed from our breeding program and will become a full-time LGD and take a well deserved retirement from breeding. Shelby’s parents are both OFA certified and both received GOOD scores!

Roi with his flock. Winter 2021.
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