Our Breeder’s Agreement

“HVF” (Heavenly View Farm) must be used prior to the dog’s name when registering the puppy.  

Puppies are sold with limited registrations with Breeder’s intent to convey Full Registration immediately once the following criteria are met:

Buyer agrees to not breed this puppy until puppy is a minimum of 18 months for males and 24 months of age for females. The puppy must have OFA hip permanent certification of Fair, Good or Excellent, or have PennHip DI scores of .50 or less. It is a requirement that this pup be free of ectropion as per a qualified veterinarian’s exam. A copy of all health certifications shall be sent to Heavenly View Farm prior to any breeding taking place. Once these conditions are met Breeder will immediately begin the process to convey Full Registration to the Buyer(s).

Alternatively, Buyer may request Heavenly View Farm to waive any of the foregoing requirements, for good cause shown, which may be accepted or rejected at his sole discretion. If Heavenly View Farm consents to such breeding, consent must be received in writing before any breeding takes place.

Buyer will be responsible for the small processing fee charged by the MSCA for the change in registration status. Heavenly View Farm will select a puppy that is felt to have breeding potential in conformation, temperament, and working ability. However, no guarantees can or will be made that the puppy will mature into a breeding quality dog as that is impossible to predict with accuracy at such an early age.

There will be no upcharge for breeding potential puppies; therefore, if a puppy does not mature into a suitable breeding candidate (no matter the gender of the dog) for any reason or if Buyer does not meet the terms of the agreement above, no compensation will be given.

The buyer agrees that Heavenly View Farm will be listed as the breeder of the dog in all advertisement of the dog. 

Buyer agrees to notify us of any changes of address within 30 days.

Buyer further agrees that proper safeguards will be taken to assure for the care and comfort of the puppy. It is the understanding that this puppy will be a livestock guardian dog and will be kept in a safe, enclosed area and provided with a proper seasonal shelter at all times.

Heavenly View Farm will discuss with the Buyer the recommended diet and the puppy is to always have access to fresh, clean water. Buyer agrees not to tie or otherwise tether said puppy for primary confinement, use the puppy for fighting, or promote unstable aggressive tendencies in the puppy. 

Buyer further agrees to maintain the puppy at all times in good health with regular veterinary checkups, and will secure such vaccinations, heartworm medication, flea and tick medication, de-worming and veterinary care as recommended.

Any puppy born at Heavenly View Farm has a home here forever and may be returned at any time for any reason with the puppy’s signed registration and at the buyer’s expense. No refund or exchange will be given in this case. We would be happy to assist the buyer in finding the pup a new home should circumstances require this.

It is agreed to by Buyer that upon the death of this puppy, at any age, prompt notice will be given to Heavenly View Farm.

Heavenly View Farm warrants that the puppies were in good health at the time they left the farm.  Buyer shall have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving the puppy. Full purchase price shall be refunded upon return of the puppy if Heavenly View Farm is supplied with a written opinion of a licensed veterinarian describing any pre-existing serious health problem(s) found within this 72-hour period. Heavenly View Farm does not provide transportation for puppies to or from the farm. Buyer is responsible for travel costs in the event that a puppy is returned to the farm. No refund shall exceed the full purchase price of the puppy.

Upon possession of the puppy the buyer shall become solely responsible for all behavior of the puppy from that time forward without recourse against the seller. Buyer also becomes solely responsible for all care of the puppy to include all incurred cost to include but not limited to food, training, veterinary bills and medication.

Buyer will be supplied with the documentation necessary to register the puppy in the MSCA once Breeder is paid in full by cash or certified bank check. In the event that the MSCA does not provide paperwork in a timely manner, the registration papers will be mailed to each new puppy owner once Heavenly View Farm has been provided the correct documentation of the litter registration. Buyer is encouraged to join and support the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America.


Total Amount Due to Seller: $1800.00 per dog

Heavenly View Farm schedules puppy pickup day for all puppies on the nearest Saturday to the 8 week mark of the birth of the litter. If Buyer fails to meet this scheduled pickup date the next candidate from the HVF waiting list will be contacted. All Buyers are encouraged to make verbal contact with Heavenly View Farm on the date of pickup to ensure that meeting times are handled in an organized manner and that all Buyers have an adequate amount of time for questions, concerns, and overall conversation with Seller.

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