Our St. Croix Hair Sheep

We currently have a small flock of St. Croix Hair Sheep. We were able to expand onto more land right beside our current pasture in the Summer of 2020. That move took us from a small area with only 2 paddocks to just under 10 acres of our own property to use for livestock. We have another property across from us leased as well that we are using to rotate grazing on. Growth ahead in 2022!!

A Few Facts About St. Croix Hair Sheep

– Mature rams have a lion-like mane that may fall down to their knees. Also, mature rams weigh up to 200lbs and ewes up to 150lbs. The average birth weight for twins is 7lbs.

– This breed shows a greater resistance to internal parasites than wool sheep as well as most other hair sheep breeds.

– Their meat is tender with a mild flavor. St. Croix has a slower growth rate than many meat breeds, which have been selected for rapid growth and large body size.

St. Croix Hair Sheep

Our original registered ram (pictured here) came to us from a farm in Olin, NC and our two original ewes (also pictured here) came to us from a farm in Mocksville, NC. We fattened them up and experienced our very first lambing here in 2020. Stay tuned for updates and scroll down for a look at our flock and a photo with their winter coats!

Winter Months of 2019
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